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Ladies T.A.L.K is a forum for women from various walks of life, different backgrounds, and different age groups. It is a program without borders; an outlet for women to share their faith, experiences, knowledge, and achievement. It is a platform designed to educate, mentor, and empower ladies that desire to break free from circumstances that undervalue their potentials or undermine their creativity. Ladies T.A.L.K's goal is to help women become (Top-Notch. Accomplished, Leader, Knowledgeable) women they are destined to be.

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Your membership with Ladies T.A.L.K allows you to foster relationships with other women, that will promote healthier lifestyle choices, social awareness, sisterhood, strong interpersonal skills, leadership skills, and etiquette in an effort to build individual confidence, accountability, with appreciation of embracing your best self.

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Shape the lives of other young girls around the world

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LadiesT.A.L.K Membership is currently available to High School Seniors and College Students (Freshmen-Seniors) worldwide. You can select national, branch, and/or College/University when you submit your application. Click Here

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Email: ladiestalk@fdsf.org s

Office: 301-799-7660

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