Our Founders 


Dr Tayo Emmanuel 


Dr. 'Tayo Emmanuel is a Genetic Engineer and a prolific writer. He continues to impact the lives of many families around the world. He spearheads several projects that create a magnitude of positive responses from the youth; moreover, he believes that the youth in this generation are the agents of change the world is looking for. Through FDSF, Dr. ‘Tayo has helped families in unreached nations, while also being a mentor to numerous students and leaders across the globe. 

“If you’re not different, you’re not needed – and you cannot make a difference…”


Sarah Emmanuel 


President Sarah Emmanuel is an educator and environmentalist who strongly advocates for individuals and families around the globe. She is an inspirational leader and a mentor to many whom she has the opportunity to connect with.

She envisions a world of love, growth, and advancement for the underserved. She makes this vision a reality through her exemplary service in the communities she serves. While using her skills and expertise, President Sarah Emmanuel continues to show ardent dedication in FDSF as she works towards aiding orphans, educating young girls, and providing pregnant mothers and low-income families with sustainable resources.

“Success is not only the attainment of knowledge and skills but also the impact made with what has been attained.”

President Sarah Emmanuel