What We Do

The areas of focus: Quality Education, Health and Wellness, Women and Girls Advocacy, Poverty and Hunger

Where We Work

In the U.S. and around the world, Family Development and Samaritan Foundation continues Explore our work around the world. We hope you can find your place in one of these countries by choosing to partner, volunteer, or giving.

Quality Education

We pledge our shared efforts with families, educators, and policymakers in providing students with quality education. Our goal is to primarily focus on students’ potential regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or geographic location. By making education inclusive, we are promoting a holistic approach to help students achieve all-round success both in local and global communities.

We provide a range of opportunities and services that support the educational development of the students we serve. These services include but are not limited to tutoring, mentorship and guidance, and summer camp enrichment.

“Quality education must not be left to chance. It is the foundation upon which countries base efforts to improve overall health, well-being, and economic vitality.” Deborah S. Delisle, ASCD executive director and CEO.

Women and Girls Advocacy

Girls make up 53% of the global population of children out of school. Each year Women and girls must have the opportunity to help their fellow women and the communities they live in. Our goal is to eliminate doubts about and stigmas surrounding the potentials women and girls have to make an impact. Additionally, we provide women and girls with resources and opportunities that promote confidence and stability.

  • Providing hygienic and sanitary products: pads, deodorants, soaps, toothbrush and paste, and mouthwash.
  • Providing pregnant women with prenatal vitamins and necessary support to overcome circumstantial events during pregnancy.
  • Increasing girls participation in STEAM
  • Educating and encouraging families to promote educational equality
  • Increasing women and girls involvement in entrepreneurship, leadership, and activism

Poverty and Hunger

When children don’t go hungry, their educational development can increase. Poverty causes hunger, which means that many people living in poverty daily face chronic hunger. Poverty reduces educational opportunities for young girls in developing countries. Global food insecurity and malnutrition are two leading factors affecting human growth and development. Although these factors are part of the most serious public health challenges in the world, they are the least addressed.

Our work with local community leaders and advocates enables us to focus on the vital needs of individuals and families. This collaboration also provides a framework for investing in communities to eradicate poverty and hunger so that individuals and families can meet their own basic needs, improve the communities they live in, and create better lives for themselves and their generation.

Vocational Training and Skills Development

Ensuring quality education

Promoting educational equality for young men and women

Facilitating workshops for leadership and entrepreneurship

Health and Wellness

The goal of our health and wellness program is to reduce barriers that limit access to healthcare among infants, children, and adults from underserved communities. We work with healthcare providers, health organizations, and medical professionals to provide blood pressure check, oral health exams, vitamin supplements, health care packages, physical exams and comprehensive eye exams.